Masood Anwar is a Karachi based  seasoned journalist having vast experience in both Urdu and English journalism. He started his carrier with Daily Jasarat as trainee sub-editor in 1989. Later, he switched to reporting and covered business, education and political beats there. Later, he  joined The News, Karachi as commerce reporter in 1994. Beside commerce reporting, he also covered aviation sector. He also did special assignments for The News, like coverage of Afghan war. He was the only journalist who was in Kandhar during carpet bombing after 9/11. He has been wandering in Pak-Afghan tribal areas. He also contribute for Telegraph India, Asia Times online and South Asia Tribune. In 2008, he switched to the electronic media and joined AAJ TV. He resigned from AAJ TV in 2009 and concentrated on the research work and wrote his first book about the powers who have been fomenting wars and players behind the revolutions under the title of , The Traders of war.

is the title of the book جنگوں کے سوداگر

Now, he is writing articles for Daily Jasarat and Daily Islam.